Firewood Treasures

Special Miniatures from Firewood Treasures

Rolling Pins, Mortar & Pestles, Salad Server Sets, Plates, and more.

If an item that you order happens to be sold, we will, if possible, substitute another of the same wood, style, and quality. If you do not want us to make a substitution, please notify us of that fact at the contact link below. If you see a "sold" item that you like, please email us. It is quite possible that we may have another like it in stock.

Cherry w/ knots

MCH-RP-102 $20.00

Spalted Cherry SOLD

MCH-RP-103 $20.00


MSY-P-101 $12.00

Black Walnut

MWA-SS-102 $24.00


MDW-MP-101 $25.00

Dogwood SOLD

MDW-MP-102 $25.00


MDW-B-120 $16.00 SOLD



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