Firewood Treasures

Wye Oak Creations from Firewood Treasures

In 2004, the Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources in conjunction with the Maryland State Arts Council made wood from the Wye Oak available to Maryland artists at the John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery in Preston, MD. Along with 150 other Maryland artists, Rick Smith journeyed to Preston on May 15, 2004 to collect a share of this venerable old state icon, for which certificates of authenticity were issued. Under the conditions of this program, Rick created artworks from this wood in 2004-5 and was committed to making these pieces available to the State for exhibition in 2005-6. Under the conditions of that agreement, some these truly rare treasures are now available for sale to those who wish to own a 460 year old piece of Maryland's history.


An Unsolicited Testimonial Dec., 2015
Rick - Thank you for the quick response. ... Thank you for passing on this incredible piece of history through the beautiful work that you create. Your respect for the Wye Oak shows in the beauty of your creations (the picture and story of the bench brought a tear and a smile). Merry Christmas







Picture from Maryland Department of Natural Resources website:

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