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Options for Ordering Items from Firewood Treasures

Returns Policy

Firewood Treasures accepts returns of items with which you are not pleased. There is, however, a 20% restocking charge on all returned items. The remainder of your purchase price will be refunded to you upon receipt of the returned item(s). Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.


Handling Fee

Handling fee to cover packaging is approximately 10% of stated shipping fee. Because we charge the same amount for on-site purchases, this additional fee is necessary to cover the overhead cost of shipped items.



Our website enables you to order items from Firewood Treasures using Paypal. If you are not a member of Paypal, you can still purchase items through our Shopping Cart, and then simply check out using your credit card at the PayPal website. There you will be given the opportunity to open a Paypal account, but you are not obligated to do so.

If, however, you prefer the old fashioned way, that is not a problem. Just send an email to
    Include the catalog number, price per item, and quantity desired
   When you receive an email confirming availability, mail your check to:
      Firewood Treasures, 604 Scarlet Oak Court, Woodsboro, MD 21798
   As soon as we receive your check, your order will be shipped.

Shipping and handling cost is extra. Please note that shipping costs have increased as of 1/1/07. Reason: we now ship all orders Priority Mail, Insured. In this way, we can track and protect the items that you order.

Express and International Shipping require additional shipping costs. Contact us for the exact amount that will need to be added to your order and then use the links at the bottom of this page.

The easiest way to add extra shipping is through Paypal. Use the "Send Money" option, and send it to

Alternatively, you can use the following:
Extra Shipping
(Do not click on the following links unless we instruct you by email to do so. When given the extra amount by email, use the appropriate button(s) below, changing the quantities as needed in your Paypal shopping cart.)


, $10
, $5
, $2
, $1

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